AIT Competency Model™

The AIT Competency Model™ defines the distinct competencies necessary for influential thought leaders in this emerging and complex profession. This career path demands diverse expertise and the willingness to wear many hats.

Successful influencers and thought leaders strive to master four roles with 15 capabilities in their journey.  Click on a role to see the core competencies you want to grow.

This competency model was developed through surveying and researching influencers and thought leaders globally.

Why a Global AIT Competency Model™?

The model serves multiple purposes for influential thought leaders.

Career Development. The model can help you define a clear set of knowledge, skills and behaviors to determine your current proficiency, and this data provides a platform to create an individual development plan.

Professional Standards. The model provides a set of standards for Influencers and Thought Leaders as an emerging profession and can clarify expectations for impactful results.

The Association of Influencers and Thought Leaders aims to help likeminded people to set attainable goals, develop a plan of action, and to have the support of a community of fellow creatives.

Follow These Steps

Action is easy when you have the right framework. Discover the knowledge and skills that will empower the growth and development of professional influencers and thought leaders.

Take the self-assessment to measure your skills and knowledge in influence, thought leadership, business owner, and thriving individual.

Review your results to determine where you may want to focus your growth. Keep the results for your records so you can track your progress.

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