Community Values


“To enable and support established and aspiring influencers & thought leaders to make bigger impact quicker so together, we can raise the collective consciousness of the human race.”


“By building the world’s largest community of top influencers & thought leaders, we’re able to facilitate learning and leverage connections to accelerate positive impact.”


It’s important that our members self-identify as individuals who are willing and capable in being real to who they are.

Our members are so deeply and openly themselves, that they can potentially open themselves to being emotionally vulnerable to being hurt by others. It’s important that our members have a safe place to be supported and accepted for who they are. Being vulnerable is how you make bigger impact.

Community is at the core of who we are as a professional association. It’s important that our members build community with each other which in turn, creates a powerful support network.

Our members learn from each other through the community and through facilitated and formal events. The influencer and thought leader industry is constantly changing and it’s important our members stay abreast of the most current best practices necessary to be successful and to make maximum impact.

Each of our members have  their own passions and their own verticals they’re impacting on a large scale. The work our members do must be meaningful, or they must find a meaningful path so they’re able to make the maximum positive impact they can.

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