Credibility Boost

Here, we explain the ways being a member and engaging with our community can increase your credibility.

What does it mean to be Credible?

  • Able to be believed : reasonable to trust or believe –
  • Good enough to be effective –
  • Worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy. –

How do you build Credibility?

How can joining the AIT increase your credibility?

Being part of a professional association in any field is a great way to not only learn, but to build credibility for yourself. Just saying you’re part of the professional Association of Influencers & Thought Leaders will increase your credibility, but it doesn’t stop there, we offer our members a perk called Credibility Boost.

What is Credibility Boost?

Credibility Boost is a member perk where members are able to utilize the AIT platform and community to gain credibility as an expert in their field.

How does Credibility Boost work?

As a member of the AIT, you will have opportunities to engage with the community in a wide range of ways.

  • Example 1: Publicly share your involvement in the AIT
  • Example 2: Speak at a Demo Day, Virtual Summit, Conference, and/or Workshop
  • Example 3: Submit a Member Moment
  • Example 4: Participate in a Community AMA

You’ll notice that we create videos, social media posts, blog posts, articles, events and email campaigns for our members as they engage in our community. We do this to help our members get known within our community and outside our community. Being known within the community helps build deeper relationships with other AIT members which often leads to collaborations and partnerships. Being featured by a professional association by people outside our community helps establish our members further as experts in their field.

Our community is all about lifting each other up so we can all make a larger impact. Collaborations, synergetic partnerships, community and learning are just some of the ways our members find value in being part of the AIT.

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