Building Your 2021 Momentum

Join our guest speaker, Crystal Kadakia, and Jeremy Segal while we explore your impossible possibilities for 2021 and introduce to you how we will build momentum together using our new community platform. Prework: Post your thoughtful introduction in the AIT Community — We will open by sharing these. AGENDA: Thoughtful introductions Crystal shares on setting impossible … Read more

Level Up Your Public Speaking Career

Join our guest speaker, Diane Bogino, while we explore your speaking career. Leveling up your professional public speaking career can open new opportunities and diversify your impact and income in 2021. Prework: Complete the survey. (Link to survey inside our community) AGENDA: Networking Diane shares on Public Speaking as a Career Struggle or goal sharing … Read more

How to Build Thought Leadership

Join our guest speaker, Bill Sherman, while we explore how you can grow thought leadership in your space. How comfortable are you with your content? How comfortable are you with the modality or method of sharing your content? How comfortable is your audience with your content and/or your modality? As a Thought Leader, it’s important … Read more

Create 1 Year of Social Media Content in 1 Day

Join our guest speaker, Elizabeth Pampalone, while we explore how you can create 1 year of social media content in just 1 day! Social media is probably the last thing on your to-do list at the end of a day or week. Yet, it probably also is the first thing on your mind. For most … Read more

Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

Join our guest speaker, Ally Salama, while we explore ways to manage mental health in the lonely world of content creation and thought leadership. Educate our Entrepreneurial and Tech community on the basic fundamental mental health literacy with relevance to today’s current COVID-19 business world to empower entrepreneurs to have a better understanding of current … Read more

Build Community With Relationship Focused Content

Join our guest speaker, Pablo Gonzalez, while we explore ways for you to build a content creating machine for your brand. You’ll walk away with a process you can immediately implement into your flow of work that will help you build deeper relationships with your audience and community. PREWORK: Please complete this pre-event survey! AGENDA: … Read more

The Big 3: Create a Roadmap to Achieve Big Goals

Join our guest speaker, Aimé Mukendi Jr, while we explore ways for you to achieve biggest goals. You’ll walk away with a roadmap you can follow to help you stay laser focused on achieving your biggest goals. PREWORK: Please complete this pre-event survey!  AGENDA: Networking Speaking Q&A Community Activity Close Networking GUEST SPEAKER: Aimé Mukendi … Read more

Our Best Referrals Come From Business Relationships

Join our guest speaker, D. Scott Smith, while we explore ways for you to receive top notch referrals from your existing business relationships. We know business relationships are critical to our success (networks). In this talk we apply the science of how we connect and a system that examines & refines your business network. As … Read more

How to Deliver Your Signature Presentation with Confidence and Ease

Join our guest speaker, Sabine Kvenberg, while we explore ways for you to deliver professional presentations with confidence. What would your business look like if you have no fear of recording videos or doing lives on social media? Learn how to create and present your Celebrity Signature Talk that connects with your ideal audience and … Read more

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