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"I am motivated to engage more often with my audience. "

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"I love the opportunity to brainstorm with like-minded individuals. Really gets the juices flowing!"

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  • Establish yourself as a professional influencer and thought leader in your space
  • Network with people who understand your world
  • Get encouragement and support to keep you motivated
  • Knowledge on where to most effectively spend your time
  • See how a well run community operates
  • Surround yourself by people who will lift you up
  • Have opportunities to get involved so you can build deeper relationships with community members
  • Learn how to get the word out on platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Publishing, Speaking, etc.

Event Recordings Library

Topics currently in the event recordings library.

Join our guest speaker, Bill Sherman, while we explore how you can grow thought leadership in your space.

As a Thought Leader, it’s important to understand your, and your audiences, comfort levels with your content and modality so you can make conscious choices necessary for success.

Join our guest speaker, Diane Bogino, while we explore your speaking career. Leveling up your professional public speaking career can open new opportunities and diversify your impact and income in 2021.

Diane is an ex-president of the National Speaker Association (NSA), a seasoned public speaker and public speaker coach, and author of 5 books.

Join our guest speaker, Crystal Kadakia, while we explore your impossible possibilities for 2021 and introduce to you how we will build momentum together using our new community platform.
  • Learning goal for launching 2021
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Growing an audience on YouTube is about more than just posting content. You need to optimize that content so it can go as far as possible.

Rob Balasabas is an expert at YouTube. He shares his process on how he uploads YouTube videos so we can learn how to optimize our YouTube uploads.

Dick Polipnick is an expert at negotiating deals with sponsors. He owns a business that helps influencers get sponsorship deals; he's been through the sponsorship process countless times. Dick shares his biggest advice to help you get sponsored, even if you don't have a large following.

Jim Fuhs is an expert at hosting and promoting live-stream shows! Jim shares his biggest advice to help you promote your live streams on social media and how to get started if you're not already live-streaming!

Justin Schenck, host of Growth Now Movement, a podcast with over 2 million downloads.

Lexie Janson has grown over 14,000 subscribers and 1 Million views on YouTube! She's an FPV drone pilot. She recently started a second YouTube channel focused on helping others grow their influence. She talks about how even small channels can have big opportunities!

Miha Matlievski has contacts on the LinkedIn development team in Microsoft. He was in the first group to get LinkedIn Live among many other features. He personally has over 8,000 followers on LinkedIn, although, he doesn't consider himself a LinkedIn influencer himself.

Shaun Kelly from Kelly Concepts, who also manages a second YouTube channel called Kelly's Take.

Mike Peace Woodturning has grown over 34,000 YouTube subscribers and 5 MILLION views! Mike shares his biggest advice to help you grow your YouTube channel.

Rob Balasabas from TubeBuddy, a tool for optimizing on YouTube. TubeBuddy has over 500,000 subscribers and 5.5 million views.

Rob recently started a personal channel and has already grown over 3,000 subscribers.

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You're an early adopter, and early adopters should get a discount, for life!

We have tons of value packed into the AIT membership already with so much more to come.

Yes. We are offering, for a limited time, the founding membership option. You will be locked into a steeply discounted membership rate as a thank you.

If you know anyone who would be interested in AIT, we'd love for you to share the founding membership opportunity with them.

The more members we are able to onboard, the more value you'll get from the community, and the faster new member perks will be available.

The short answer is no. AIT is all about deep connection and community. We only have annual plans to ensure that you are surrounded by people who are serious about growing.

We have analyzed the worlds strongest communities and strongly believe that an annual membership will provide the best membership experience.

Yes, our private learning community is LIVE. You'll receive an invite after checkout so you can join the AIT learning community.

AIT has a monthly speaker summit which includes networking and guest speakers as well as an annual conference.

As more members join, we'll be offering many more opportunities for events and networking.

Not yet. You're joining as a founding member. As we get more membership, we fully expect to have special interest groups based on location, niche, and platform.

Yes. Once you're inside the AIT learning community, you'll see there's a section for requesting features and membership perks.

You'll also be able to see what other members are requesting as well.

It's quite easy. Click on any of the 'JOIN AIT TODAY' buttons and you'll be brought to a page where you can select your membership option.

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We have a vision of giving you a tremendous amount of value as a member but it often takes a budget to be able to get the appropriate infrastructure in place.

Once the founding membership promotional period is over, it will be over.

You may find that AIT is a community you want to be a part of during your entire career. Signing up as a founding member will give you a lifetime of savings.

Consider giving AIT a try for a year. It's a small investment into your professional career development.

Once you sign up for AIT, poke around the ecosystem a little bit, then contact one of our community managers within the learning community.

We have regular community involvement calls for members who want to get involved; we'd be happy to include you on the next one.

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