This glossary is designed to clarify how certain words are used in the context of our website and community.

AIT Competency Model™: The AIT Competency Model™ defines the distinct competencies necessary for influential thought leaders in this emerging and complex profession.

Coffee Shop: A 24/7 virtual environment where members can sit at tables for a virtual co-working space experience.

Conferences: Our annual conference is an in-person event. Typically in Orlando FL in May. These sessions can be similar to any of the following event types (Demo Days, Masterclasses, and Summit events), except in person with HEAVY emphasis on community and peer to peer activities. Sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes.

Demo Days: Hosted on Zoom. Speakers share their expertise by screen sharing and walking through specific processes, paths to achievements, or learnings. These sessions are less formal, more interactive and speakers often receive feedback and ideas from the audience. Typically a 1 hour event.

Influencer: A person who has the capability to impact communities

Learning Community: The online discussion board which is the center of the community. Offers a 24/7 social community for members to engage with each other. It’s also where the recordings library sits as well as the members only event calendar.

Luminary: Someone who is the pinnacle of influence and thought leadership. Someone who has large communities that listen to their perspective

Masterclasses: Hosted on Zoom. This is a formal, structured workshop led by an expert. A curriculum is prepared and attendees expect to participate in working sessions or breakouts. A participant will walk away with completed work and clear actionable next steps to continue progress in the topic covered. This is a very high value, hands on experience. Typically a 2 hour event.

Member Moments: Members can submit videos sharing stories about how they’ve gotten value from participating in the AIT community. The primary goal is to give credibility to the member who submitted the video, positioning them as an expert in their field so they can build credibility. Members have the opportunity to be featured on the website, social media, and newsletter by participating in a member moment.

Non-Member Events: The events calendar under the ‘EVENTS’ menu shows all publicly available events. Most are free and some are paid.

Self Assessment: This is a tool available to members and non-members to self-assess their skills in the AIT Competency Model™. It’s also a great to revisit over time to see how your skills have evolved. As more people complete the self-assessment, we’ll be able to learn where the weak points are in our community so we can put focus on where it matters most.

Thought Leader: A person who has a deep understanding of a topic with an unique point of view

Virtual Summits: Hosted on Airmeet. This is a formal speaking event where speakers share real world case studies from their real world experience including actual results and major learnings. The goal is to share what’s working (or what’s not working) in today’s climate and how others might be able to take action so they can shortcut positive results. Airmeet has capabilities to invite guests to stage, but the audience is typically watching and engaging in the chat box during the session. Typically a 30 minute session.

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