Why Jeff Etringer believes that The AIT is the best organization for Influencers & Thought Leaders

Full Time Clubhouse Influencer – AIT Member Moment™ with Jeff Etringer

Jeff has crafted his unique niche through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Jeff has also found that working with the Association for Influencers and Though Leadership has been invaluable to grow his influence in his market. Part of what has helped Jeff grow his brand has been learning what tools and systems he needs to reach a bigger market and grow his influence. AIT has been a huge part of helping him figure out how he can reach and impact more people. Jeff had a personal goal of reaching 1 million between his different platform, and AIT has been a key part of that goal.

As Jeff comments, the speed at which technology emerges means one person can’t learn and master every option. People use new platforms in different ways. No one person can effectively put all of those technologies to use. This is where AIT has been a huge help.

Through AIT, members can come together and report back to share ideas and tips, discuss how someone was able to shift from one platform to another, and how to make that a smooth transition. He continues to add that there’s always something new happening and AIT has been one of the best central locations for influencers and those who want to be a thought leader in their space to come together – not by competing against each other, but by providing support and insight.

 AIT has also been a great resource network community for Jeff. He remarks on being able to post ideas or questions in the community, being able to reach out directly to specific individuals with questions or requests, and that support has always been returned.

 “I’ve been able to get a lot of support from AIT and everyone on the platform” – Jeff Etringer

As other members of AIT have commented, it’s a unique group of individuals at all experience levels. There are “newbies” who are just getting started and learning the ropes. There are the those who’ve been in the influencer community for a little while, but are looking to expand their influence. You also have established veterans who have been in an Influencer/Thought Leader role in their market and want to now make a deeper impact, develop more of a program or perhaps find a new approach. Jeff feels strongly that everyone can get something out of AIT membership.

 “This association will provide you with a way to impact a lot more people quickly and save you a lot of time and save you a lot of money and be able to bridge out across the world.” – Jeff Etringer

 Jeff mentions how other associations have more limited ways of approaching influence compared to AIT. With AIT, you’re able to influence and impact a lot more people without physical and geographical boundaries. Other markets are more specialized in their niche. With AIT, you get the best of all platforms in one place. AIT will help you grow and make those changes in a supported community.

 “I think that by you joining this and taking the time to put together and become part of a bigger community you can impact a lot more people across the board.”  – Jeff Etringer

 What AIT Membership Means to Jeff Etringer

When asked how Jeff feels about the AIT organization and community, he gets to the point:

You’re going to need to be a part of an association, and this is the best one for influencers and people who want to be a thought leader in their space” Jeff Etringer

Jeff loves the access to likeminded people who can grow and support each other in a thriving community, having the ability to offer support and then being able to share expertise in the group. He has found AIT to be a great place to get access to top-notch advice and information from so many valuable resources.

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