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E132 - Quick Content Creation: 8 Hours of Work for A Year of Content | with Elizabeth Pampalone - Jeff Mendelson | Digital Marketing for HumansCreate 1 Year of Social Media Content in 1 Day w/ Elizabeth Pampalone, Full Time Marketing Consultant

Elizabeth Pampalone is an International Speaker, Podcaster, and Marketing Leader. Her company, Absolute Marketing, has revolutionized the way companies and individuals have used smarter marketing & social media outlets to craft a brand name that resonates with authenticity. Elizabeth has combined experience expertly using emotion and practical skills to create experiences that her clients have used to build credibility and recognition across a variety of industries and countries. And best of all, Elizabeth does it her way with flair.

AIT was excited to bring Social Media & Marketing wonder woman Elizabeth Pampalone to a speaker engagement. Elizabeth has blazed so many new trails and developed some amazing techniques in terms of how to use social media to your Influencer and Thought Leader pathway. Elizabeth describes how a lot of individuals take the wrong approach when it comes to social media and marketing.

“I think social media kind of gets this rap where it’s kind of like it’s the only thing. It’s become more important than our websites, more important than all of the other marketing that you could do…It’s almost like it’s a hindrance to social media, when it could be so much more. But we give it a lesser role…that it’s part of your marketing, not your only marketing.” – Elizabeth Pampalone

This striking concept takes away the pressure of focusing on social media as the only marketing piece in gaining exposure, and instead puts the appropriate amount of energy towards a smart way to use it as a tool in your collection of tools.

Elizabeth runs her own company, Absolute Marketing, with the same tools and approach she shared with the discussion audience. She has put her work and her efforts into practice, same as she helped others learn her strategies, and has the results to speak for her approach.

Her revolutionary approach is to create her client’s marketing in a quick, short spurt – 5 days! That is all of the intended marketing for a client in less than a week!

“So, we create a brand in a day, we create a website in a day, these are eight-hour days. Website from scratch, and in one day we create… 365 social media posts in one day, we create 12 months of blog posts in one day. And then we create 12 months of email marketing campaigns in a day. That’s all five days, and it’s an entire year of marketing in five days.” – Elizabeth Pampalone

This seems like a drastic approach to creating content, right? Almost risky to put that much content together so far ahead, but Elizabeth has the experience and the clients reap the rewards. Elizabeth’s inspiring method to create social media content has also helped to ensure that her effort, her focus, are put towards the things that matter. Answering the same questions every day? Feeling like you’re on constant repeat with demands of time or money? Elizabeth has an answer for that. As you’re answering questions or making connections with your platform audience, use those answer sessions or review of content as topics for content.

Elizabeth even took this one step further, having already anticipated the concern of repeated content. Turns out, repeated content is not the deterrent we all may have feared.

“And let me tell you something, how many of you think repeating yourself is going to be bad for your social media? I can tell you it’s not. I can tell you it’s not going to be bad because what do you remember that was posted last week that you saw on social media? Probably almost nothing, it’s actually proven that it takes six weeks for someone to completely forget it.” – Elizabeth Pampalone

Elizabeth continued in this discovery exercise with the audience to write down common questions each person would get from clients or social media posts. Having those questions and the answers prepped and ready to go meant content-in-the-making! In addition to the commonly asked questions, she also asked participants to keep a log of not-so-commonly asked questions to keep available for more thought-provoking or challenging posts. And don’t forget to use the fluff pieces too – things like inspirational quotes, meaningful moments or experiences – those resonate with all audiences. Use those to create a post with your own spin, your own brand. Some great tools such as Canva can help give you a different feel from another resource that may have a similar message, but this personalizes it to your audience. Even better- when creating those more emotion-grabbing posts, find a way to help build your brand! Having branded colors, icons, all of those small things help cement that it was you as a content creator. This goes a long way towards crafting your own voice and style.

Elizabeth had some final closing thoughts when it comes to the right approach with social media strategy. Is there too much of a good thing?

“Every social media has a different audience. And I definitely want to tell people that if you’re on more than three, you’re on too many, because your audience is probably not on those. So…choose the two or three that work best for you.” – Elizabeth Pampalone

AIT and the Competency Model™

AIT is a community created to build and support Thought Leaders and Influencers. As Elizabeth mentioned, using social media and marketing to your advantage does not mean spending hours toiling away on your computer or stressing about what post you need to publish. Think about what your audience needs to hear from you, carve out time to plan and strategize, and your posts will present themselves. Use your voice, your own flair to create authentic connections as a Thought Leader. Becoming your own special brand of Thought Leader is what ensures that your passion and your purpose find a unique voice. AIT is here to help you craft and market that voice in a community of leaders!

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