How to Monetize your Passion – A Life Hack by Ina Coveney!


5 Lead Generation Strategies for Online Coaches with Small Audiences – AIT Member Moment™ with Ina Coveney

Ina Coveney is a force to be reckoned with and AIT brought this powerhouse to speak to members at an exciting and thought-provoking speaker engagement. Self-proclaimed corporate person, with the corporate pedigree, Ina admitted it took her some time to rethink and shift to a new paradigm of what her goals and ambitions were that did not include a corporate environment. It was a challenge for her to get out of that self-proclaimed box and truly investigate what she wanted to devote her time and talents to pursue.

Biggest ah-ha! moments for her was realizing how there is a space for everyone to monetize what they excel at and the freedom that comes from being able to do that is priceless.

Ina continues to describe three falsehoods that she discovered and eventually overcame to see her success come to life.

·         You need a big audience

o   No, you need the right audience. You need content to matter to your audience! 

·         The market is saturated

o   Media will bubble up the really successful people and lead you to believe all of the market is counted for, not true! 

·         Only new people count when you’re building followers or clients

o   You can count people you knew from before you started. Only counting new clients or followers defeats your mental success!

“It doesn’t matter who they are- strangers or people you already know. Everything counts.” Ina Coveney

Ina continued to describe her work and dedication poured into building her coaching career and clientele. Ina targeted people she already knew and worked to build those relationships with her coaching. She offers a coaching membership through her business and she also considered how she wanted to pursue more targeted coaching. This targeted approach created vested one-on-one relationship building with specific clients to work on their coaching development plans in a more personal way.

“There’s nothing that beats people watching you in a position to teach them something. This is an authority builder. The fact that you know so much that you’re the one in the front of the room. That authority builder speaks volumes.” – Ina Coveney

Another valuable insight Ina shared is the importance of engagement with the audience and also with the community you’re looking to influence. She talks about building a small ecosystem to start, and building from there. Find ways to connect with others who are in complimentary arenas to lift each other up and find ways to bridge communities across different channels.

“Be approachable, be friendly, and don’t be settling all the time. And the last one… Be generous with your stage. Be generous with your time, be generous with what you offer.” – Ina Coveney

What AIT Membership Means with Ina Coveney

Ina closed her discussion by sharing a thoughtful insight that has impacted her work and her community-building effort – generosity.

“Be generous. Not every action that you take is meant to lead directly to clients, you never know where the next client is going to come from. So be generous with your stage. Be generous with the people that come to you…Don’t be shy..” – Ina Coveney

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