Growing Relationships and Scaling Your Business with Pablo Gonzales

Build Community with Relationship-Focused Content – AIT Member Moment™ with Pablo Gonzales

AIT was excited to welcome AIT member and Thought Leader Influencer, Pablo Gonzalez. Pablo has built a reputation and solid following because of his many speaking engagements and his insight into how to build positive, sustainable content that connects his message and his audience. Pablo is passionate about building and serving the community and shares how he has built his approach, with his very own Relationship Flywheel.

“The influencer needs to understand how to create short form content master social media platforms, managing community.” – Pablo Gonzales

Pablo shared a very profound ah-ha! moment he had after his brother lost his battle with cancer and Pablo was surrounded by friends, family, loved ones while holding strong the legacy of his brother. In that moment, Pablo realized that the embodiment of community is not just in persona life, but in business life as well. Taking those key elements of community building into the business world has proved valuable for Pablo. Networking and relationship building is where the true community is built.   

Pablo discusses how his ideas surrounding community building really played into how he now envisions the building of content to reach that community. 

“Well, I believe that all businesses are relationship businesses, and if you’re going to scale a business, you should be able to scale your relationships.” – Pablo Gonzales

Pablo continues to outline his business model with his own clients. He employs the Relationship Flywheel with all of his business dealings, no matter the topic or content, and really believes this is what has led to his success – the value, connections, and content. 

“The way that it works is that if you can source value that you can provide to the people that you’re trying to serve, and co-create that value with them, then you can nurture connections, while you’re co-creating that value. And you can magnify that through content. And when you’re doing it, well, you’re just sitting in the middle curating a community.” – Pablo Gonzales

Pablo continues to describe how any content needs to connect with the right audience to have the most impact. Knowing the audience, knowing the audience may change or flex as your influence grows, keeping a close eye on that ecosystem the content lives within, that community, is key to continued success. 

He also brings up a key point regarding how to successfully grab and then engage listeners or followers. With so many people throwing content out to the world, it’s hard to make sure that you’ve hit the mark or made the impact you intended.

“You have to have the thing that draws people in before they’re even going to pay attention to the second sentence, you need to get them on the first sentence.” – Pablo Gonzales

What AIT Membership Means with Pablo Gonzales

Pablo closed his discussion by sharing a very impactful statement that drew the line around all three pieces of what makes someone effective as a Thought Leader Influencer:

“At the end of the day content is the way that you scale your messaging, right. And then it all leads to this thriving individual that can sustain motivation, find and share authenticity, connecting heart to heart, and foster learning and changing mindsets.” – Pablo Gonzales

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