How The AIT helped to open more doors of opportunity to Pablo Gonzales

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Full Time Event & Community Emcee – AIT Member Moment™ with Pablo Gonzales

Pablo was given the amazing opportunity to speak at the CMX Summit 2021 this past summer, and he recalled how his journey to speak at the Summit came about because of connections he made through AIT.  Pablo’s work history, and truly his passion, comes from working to build the community and serving the community, especially the nonprofit business community.

Pablo had been asked to speak at an AIT event about his brilliant creation, The Relationship Flywheel. Just as he had signed on to speak at the AIT event, he attended another great community speaker event, attended by none other than the creator of CMX Summit, David Spinks. In that speaker event, the events manager of CMX was moderating and Pablo reached out. Pablo was able to connect in the chat and also continued the conversation through LinkedIn.

In building that connection, Pablo invited the events manager to his speaking engagement with AIT. He’s still not sure to this day if she attended, but Pablo credits inviting her to that AIT event helped build his credibility and his validity. After the AIT speaking engagement, Pablo received the invite to present at the CMX Summit 2021 event just a couple weeks later!

Ultimately, it was the community building, making the connections that led to Pablo gaining the validation to be able to showcase his passion and his unique perspective. During the CMX Summit 2021, Pablo was able to share his vision with a huge audience; all attendees coming together to build on this shared vision of community.

Ultimately, how Pablo landed the speaking engagement at CMX Summit really boiled down to connections, his community he’s been building, thanks to his membership with AIT.

“Being part of the AIT, allowed me to get into the audience that I really want to sell into.” – Pablo Gonzales

What AIT Membership Means with Pablo Gonzales

When asked how Pablo feels about the AIT organization and community, he gets to the point:

“AIT is a strategically built organization that is meant to accumulate people that have something to say and are building an audience.” – Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo loves building connections with people who are passionate, have something to say, and who have goals they are ready to achieve. He sees AIT as a way to build the right connections with his type of people, the ones who have something to say and want to get a message across. 

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