Why Nathan Kettler Said that The AIT is a Community of Like-Minded People that are all eager to help!

Nathan Kettler

Full-Time Storyteller Coach – AIT Member Moment™ with Nathan Kettler– the Advocate of Awesome

Nathan Kettler is a passionate motivator to help others find their unique and authentic voice. Nathan doesn’t hold back when it comes to pursuing his passion in helping others. You can’t help but feel the true emotion Nathan has when you see him interviewed on YouTube, Build It Bootcamp Podcast or Content is Profit Podcast, to name a few. That passion also is what Nathan contributes as a current member of AIT.

In this short but powerful first-hand account, Nathan shares why he chose AIT as the community he wanted to contribute to and learn from.

“If you’re looking for a community of like-minded people that are all eager to help and share what’s working with them, that’ll hold you accountable in a loving way, I swear this is such a good place for you to come and meet people that are doing things on a spectacular level.” – Nathan Kettler

Nathan also feels strongly that the AIT community helps connect emerging Influencers and Thought Leaders with others who are also looking to grow outside of their typical community and share support. This isn’t a community of competition; membership in AIT to Nathan means finding individuals who want to see each other succeed.

 “You get like-minded people with different perspectives that are eager to help you and show you ways you can advance your influence and thought leadership so you can go out and help the people that you want to help and make a difference in a way that’s important to you.”  – Nathan Kettler

What AIT Membership Means to Nathan Kettler

When asked how Nathan feels about the AIT organization and community, he gets to the point:

“I encourage you to join the AIT and help us reach more people. Help me when you’re on the inside and I’m going to help you. I’d love to see you there!” – Nathan Kettler

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