How to Leverage the Influencer Economy

An evening with Sabby BG :
Full Time YouTuber w/ 350k+ Subscribers 

AIT was proud to welcome Sabby BG on Thursday, December 2nd for an energetic discussion about Sabby’s rise to fame in the YouTube influencer arena. YouTube is an effective platform for many reasons, and Sabby was excited to share his insight and the story of how he found his voice and created his brand. Even better, he was able to share his tips and suggestions for how to get started in this versatile market. Special for this session, AIT was excited to have Pablo Gonzalez, proud AIT member and impressive influencer in his own right, emcee the special speaker engagement. Sabby BG, savvy networker and successful businessman, has learned a lot since he got his first start in creating his brand and sharing his voice on YouTube. Don’t let his humble good nature fool you, Sabby loves what he does and has made quite the name for himself in terms of building his platform, engaging and growing his fandom, and also now growing his clientele in a variety of different industries, some of which may surprise you!

“You know, I want to achieve a million subscribers, maybe 10 million next. So, with every milestone that I achieve, I set new goals for myself and, and then I strategize on how do I get there.” -Sabby BG


Sabby shared his different view of what it means to be an influencer, specifically related to the YouTube platform:

“So far, I have been, you know, successful a few times, I failed many times as well. But I think, you know, what we’re talking about today, which is being an influencer. And a lot of people think being an influencer means having millions of subscribers, you know, and, and a billion views and you need to be known, you need to be popular. And that is not true.” -Sabby BG

“You know, I want to achieve a million subscribers, maybe 10 million next. So, with every milestone that I achieve, I set new goals for myself and, and then I strategize on how do I get there.” -Sabby BG

Because we all whether we believe it or not, we are influencers already.” – Sabby BG

What building that bigger scope and level of influence requires is simple – be strategic and be focused. Once you’ve found your niche, you can then focus on how to take it to the next level and monetize it!

Sabby shared his thoughts on how he made it happen and what to consider for those looking to make that happen:

  • What are brands thinking about/talking about?
  • Why should you build your own influence, especially after knowing what brands are aiming at?
  • Why should you build your own influence?
  • How to leverage your influence because brands want microinfluencers

Something surprising for most attendees is the call-out Sabby gave regarding microinfluencers. Too many people think that the big names, the super-famous are the types of influencers that brands want to work with. Sabby says that just isn’t true, and the numbers support it.

“Brands are more getting aware of the fact that they can sell better using a micro influencer, who has a big influence on his or her small audience.” – Sabby BG

Oftentimes what success looks like in the microinfluencer world is the ability to find and zero-in on that smaller niche to build a name and gain buy-in from your listeners or your followers. Take for example Sabby has been working with real estate agents. So you may ask yourself, why does a YouTube influencer and a real estate agent have any shared interest or business? We’re glad you asked! It all comes down to that shared platform where Sabby is able to bring on guests to his podcasts, shares those interviews with the real estate agents, and this builds viewership and expose for Sabby and his guest real estate agents. It becomes a domino effect because every time that video is shared, every time that subscriber likes or comments on an interview, it only helps spread the influence further.

Sabby also shared how having a presence on multiple platforms can help connect people or spheres of influence as well. Not all connections come in in through one platform – build that presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. All of those channels offer a slightly different marketing opportunity to reach a different audience. Do your homework, get yourself organized. Know your numbers, know your audience, know your reach, and start putting yourself out there to the companies you want to partner with. Polish your appeal and take action!

“So, build a media kit and start connecting, start connecting with people in the company start connecting with all the other people. And this is when you start giving value.” – Sabby BG

What’s Next For you?

We’re so glad you asked!

“So, creating start thinking about creating your own product and service as well. And I am exactly doing the same thing.” – Sabby BG

AIT is here to help you change the trajectory of your business and your ability to grow as a Thought Leader and Influencer.

All our sessions tie back to the AIT Competency Model. This session tapped into:

  • Business Owner > Business Model & Strategy Expertise
  • Influencer > Mastering Social Media Platforms

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