Why Join AIT?

When it comes to your influencer & thought leader business, we know that you want to be a catalyst for change. In order to do that, you need resources and insights to grow your business and master your craft. The problem is the daily grind of running your business is getting in the way of sharing your message, which makes you feel overwhelmed and discouraged. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be successful.

We understand it’s hard to work so much and not see your business grow, which is why, since 2020, the Association of Influencers & Thought Leaders has helped hundreds of influencers and thought leaders propel their business.

The path is simple:

  1. Connect with the community of people just like you
  2. Tap into member-exclusive resources to work smarter not harder
  3. Plug into events to fast-track your growth

It’s time. Join AIT today. Stop sitting behind your desk drowning in chaos, and instead get out there and ignite change.


Members receive free tools and discounts that lower operating costs and facilitate your success.

AIT Members receive preferred pricing on events and trainings.

Support programs and peer sharing bring you the insights and connects you need to succeed.

When people want to find collaboration partners, they come to the AIT.

The AIT monthly Webinar Series brings you a regular intake of information and skill development opportunities to keep you on top of your game. Miss one? A library of topical webinar recordings is a member only privilege.

Conferences & Summits
Save on our Conferences and Virtual Summits – the only place to get intense, influencer & thought leader focused education, networking and comradery, dedicated to helping you develop personally and professionally.

Are you ready to join?

Which membership type is best for you and your business?

Starting ITLRising ITLProfessional ITLAffiliate Partner
Price per Year$25/mo (billed annually)
$300 / year
$60/mo (billed annually)
$720 / year
$125/mo (billed annually)
$1,500 / year
Contact Us for Pricing
EligibilityEveryone is eligible.To be eligible for Rising ITL, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:
πŸ—£ Full time or on the path to full time
πŸ—£ Hundreds of followers
πŸ—£ Tens of consistent engagement
πŸ—£ Have an established message, brand, and value proposition.
To be eligible for Professional ITL membership, you must meet at least 3 out of 4 of the following criteria:
πŸ—£ Full time or primary career
πŸ—£ Thousands of followers
πŸ—£ Hundreds of consistent engagement
πŸ—£ Multi-platform model
Service Provider
PerksπŸ”₯ Private Social Community
πŸ”₯ Member Directory
πŸ”₯ Free Monthly Meeting
πŸ”₯ Member Discounted Pro-Feature Meeting
πŸ”₯ Special member pricing at all GAITL national events
πŸ”₯ Member Discounts for partnering tools & resources
πŸ”₯ All Starting ITL Perks +
πŸ”₯ Exclusive Rising ITL Community Channels
πŸ”₯ Free Pro-Featured Meetings
πŸ”₯ Access to Event Recordings Library
πŸ”₯ Foundational Curriculum
πŸ”₯ Rising Collabs (Working Sessions)
πŸ”₯ Volunteer / Leadership Opportunities

πŸ”₯ All Rising ITL Perks +
πŸ”₯ Exclusive Professional ITL Community Channels
πŸ”₯ Exclusive ProElite Featured Meetings
πŸ”₯ Speaking Features (SIGs, Conferences, Summits)
πŸ”₯ Professional ITL Collabs (Working Sessions)
πŸ”₯ Professional ITL Masterminds

How Can AIT Membership Help You?

Grow With AIT

Meet a few AIT members and see how membership has impacted them.

Chris Stone

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how this community has gotten stronger in terms of overall value, participation and service.”


“I appreciate the warm welcome into the group! Definitely appreciate the culture you have helped form within this creator’s group.”

Chantel Thompson

“Excellent, enjoyed it!”

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