Why Diane Bogino, ex-president of the National Speaker Association, recommends The AIT!

Full Time Keynote Speaker & Prior President of the National Speaker Association – AIT Member Moment™ with Diane Bogino

Diane is a social media platform maven! Currently, Diane can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to name a few. Diane specializes in helping people market their business. She’s interviewed all different types of entrepreneurs, CEOs and other industry leaders to help get their content and their message in the public and get the right exposure to help reach goals.



Currently, she is a member of the National Speakers Association (also a past president!) while also listing author, consultant, public speaker, guest speaker and keynote speaker to her resume. In the not-too-distant past, Diane had not been part of a social media meet-up style groups, and after joining AIT, was astounded at the information available. She commends AIT on the quality of speakers and networking opportunities that she’s actively participated in. The types of speakers that AIT has brought in are experts in their fields, they are relatable individuals who are generous to share their tips and tricks. These speakers and other members who are part of AIT also share ways that they’ve successfully grown their own channels or platform of choice. They’ve shared ways to gain or grow viewership, ways to get sponsors, ways to earn income. Also, a really meaningful experience for Diane is how other members have shared their tips and suggestions for how to make current content even better.

Diane shares how some members of AIT have reached out, unsolicited, to suggestions to improve her content on various platforms, and have done so with a generous spirit, with support. She also remarks on how members will share content on their platforms to give other AIT members exposure and help lift each other up

“That is the beauty of community: helping one another, learning about your competition, but learning about opportunities that are out there and expanding your expertise. Everybody needs that help” – Diane Bogino

Diane has also been pleasantly surprised and excited to see the diversity and variety of the members of AIT. Like other Member Moments have mentioned, there’s a wide variety of members at different stages of their Influencer and Thought Leadership journey – newbies, veterans and everyone in between! Meet ups and speaker engagements bring everyone together and provide a space for sharing and cultivating a shared space. This space also importantly includes a full willingness to support, not expecting anything in return. AIT fosters a community that means that sharing with others helps to build each other up, not as a competition.

 “Social media is a business…I think this is an association for people who are serious about social media, serious about getting a message out, serious about influencing others with their thoughts and what they think is important.” – Diane Bogino


What AIT Membership Means to Diane Bogino

When asked how Diane feels about the AIT organization and community, she gets to the point:

“Any person who is serious about building a business on social media is a good fit for this organization, and you have to be willing to give. There is enough business out there for everybody.” – Diane Bogino

Diane has come to appreciate the openness and willingness for all members to share ideas and create a learning environment that does not include judgment. Having so many like-minded people brought together and representing so many different passions on a variety of platforms creates a unique network that is unmatched. She has found AIT to be a great place to get access to top-notch advice and information from so many valuable resources.

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