How to Monetize your Passion – A Life Hack by Ina Coveney!


5 Lead Generation Strategies for Online Coaches with Small Audiences – AIT Member Moment™ with Ina Coveney Ina Coveney is a force to be reckoned with and AIT brought this powerhouse to speak to members at an exciting and thought-provoking speaker engagement. Self-proclaimed corporate person, with the corporate pedigree, Ina admitted it took her some … Read more

Growing Relationships and Scaling Your Business with Pablo Gonzales

Growing Relationships

Build Community with Relationship-Focused Content – AIT Member Moment™ with Pablo Gonzales AIT was excited to welcome AIT member and Thought Leader Influencer, Pablo Gonzalez. Pablo has built a reputation and solid following because of his many speaking engagements and his insight into how to build positive, sustainable content that connects his message and his … Read more

Why Diane Bogino, ex-president of the National Speaker Association, recommends The AIT!

National Speaker Association

Full Time Keynote Speaker & Prior President of the National Speaker Association – AIT Member Moment™ with Diane Bogino Diane is a social media platform maven! Currently, Diane can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to name a few. Diane specializes in helping people market their business. She’s interviewed all different types … Read more

How The AIT helped to open more doors of opportunity to Pablo Gonzales

open more doors

Full Time Event & Community Emcee – AIT Member Moment™ with Pablo Gonzales Pablo was given the amazing opportunity to speak at the CMX Summit 2021 this past summer, and he recalled how his journey to speak at the Summit came about because of connections he made through AIT.  Pablo’s work history, and truly his … Read more

Why Elizabeth Pampalone thinks that The AIT is the best group to be!

Elizabeth Pampalone thinks

Create 1 Year of Social Media Content in 1 Day w/ Elizabeth Pampalone, Full Time Marketing Consultant Elizabeth Pampalone is an International Speaker, Podcaster, and Marketing Leader. Her company, Absolute Marketing, has revolutionized the way companies and individuals have used smarter marketing & social media outlets to craft a brand name that resonates with authenticity. … Read more

Why Nathan Kettler Said that The AIT is a Community of Like-Minded People that are all eager to help!

Nathan Kettler

Full-Time Storyteller Coach – AIT Member Moment™ with Nathan Kettler– the Advocate of Awesome Nathan Kettler is a passionate motivator to help others find their unique and authentic voice. Nathan doesn’t hold back when it comes to pursuing his passion in helping others. You can’t help but feel the true emotion Nathan has when you … Read more

Level Up Your Speaking Career with The AIT!

Speaking Career

Level Up Your Public Speaking Career w/ Diane Bogino, Full Time Keynote Speaker & Prior President of the National Speakers Association. Diane is a highly respected executive coach, helping organizations reach goals through coaching and training. Diane focuses on putting the right talent with the right leadership principles to partner performance and development. Renowned as … Read more

Learn Why Leo York, a YouTuber and Podcaster, recommends you to join the AIT!

Thought Leadership Full Time Podcaster & Conference Founder – AIT Member Moment™ with Leo York Leo York has made a name for himself on LinkedIn and YouTube. Self-made and proclaimed copywriter, paranormal and conspiracy podcast-er who, along with Alex Cornett & Cece Cornett host The 13th Floor. Quoted from their Podcast site: “The 13th Floor is … Read more

Tips on How to Build your Thought Leadership by Bill Sherman

Leveraging Thought Leadership with Bill Sherman – Full Time Coach, Podcaster, & Community Builder Bill Sherman is a leader in business transformation – starting with the key ideas that become tools for success. Bill has over 20 years’ experience, and as the current COO of Thought Leadership Leverage has provided consulting and business expertise to … Read more

Why Jeff Etringer believes that The AIT is the best organization for Influencers & Thought Leaders


Full Time Clubhouse Influencer – AIT Member Moment™ with Jeff Etringer Jeff has crafted his unique niche through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Jeff has also found that working with the Association for Influencers and Though Leadership has been invaluable to grow his influence in his market. Part of what has helped Jeff grow his brand … Read more

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